with comfort at its heart

ROOMY is the ideal shared housing solution in Brussels for young people at the start of their career. A large, modern, comfortably furnished room in a high quality environment. And surrounded by other housemates who share the same lifestyle and the same interests.

and sociability

ROOMY gives you the privacy of your own room along with the pleasure of shared spaces and moments. A superb, ultra-modern, super-equipped kitchen, a welcoming lounge and a light-filled dining room where you can enjoy life with your housemates! Not to mention the individual storage areas and stunning shower rooms!

Exceptional services,all inclusive

ROOMY also makes a range of unique amenities available to all housemates: high-speed WiFi, subscriptions to Netflix & Deezer, weekly housekeeping and a laundry room with washing machine and dryer.

Entrée Roomy Molière
Terrasse Jardin maison Roomy Bruxelles Anderlecht
Terrasse Jardin Uccle
Entrée maison Roomy Bruxelles Anderlecht
Salle à manger maison Roomy Bruxelles Uccle
Roomy Cosy Co-living

ROOMY provides the ideal shared housing solution in Brussels for young people starting out in their career. It offers shared living based on comfort, privacy, sociability and exceptional services.

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