Quatorze Oiseaux – Brussels Uccle (Parvis)

Quatorze Oiseaux – Brussels Uccle (Parvis)

Quatorze Oiseaux – Brussels Uccle (Parvis) 150 150 Roomy

Brussels Uccle (Parvis)

Quatorze Oiseaux

Superb fully equipped room, enjoying the calm of the garden and the view over it. Ideal for studying, working or resting in a serene environment.

This room is already rented

Xavier de Bue

16 m2


Shared (with 1 other room)

1st floor

Roomy Cosy Co-living

ROOMY provides the ideal shared housing solution in Brussels for young people starting out in their career. It offers shared living based on comfort, privacy, sociability and exceptional services.

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